Our commitments

Our responsibility to the environment has been recognized and rewarded with the Clef Verte Label

Since its creation, Serotel Lutèce has been committed to respecting the environment and taking steps to minimize the impact of its activities. This ongoing commitment earned us the Green Key classification in December 2023.

"The world is a beautiful place worth fighting for" - wrote Ernest Hemingway.
We share this wise thought and take action, today for you and tomorrow for future generations.

Our CSR strategy has 3 objectives:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our activities;
  • Ensure your well-being and that of our employees;
  • Contribute to social cohesion, the ecological economy and solidarity, by favoring local and ethical suppliers.

For sustainable development, we are committed to 4 main areas:

Stakeholder awareness and education

  • Our employees are trained in eco-friendly practices, which they respect and apply on a daily basis.
  • Our suppliers and partners are informed and meet our eco-responsible requirements.
  • A display and individual fact sheets inform our customers about eco-actions. We also offer them more sustainable means of transport to replace cars.

Water and energy management

  • Water economizers/pressure reducers are installed on taps and showers.
  • Water and electricity meters are read every month to better manage consumption.
  • Over 90% of our lighting is fitted with LED or low-energy bulbs.

Waste management

  • Waste sorting points and pre-collection bags are provided. Posters accompany our customers in this sorting gesture.
  • Elimination of plastic packaging, replaced by bulk or large-pack products; cosmetics dispensers; no disposable crockery; reusable Ecocup cups.

Responsible purchasing

  • Not all our products are organic yet, but we're aiming for this standard in the short term. We have already made good progress.
  • Our suppliers and partners are generally chosen on the basis of their sustainable and social commitments.
  • Our breakfast products are seasonal and sourced as locally as possible. We also offer vegetarian breakfasts.
  • Many of our cleaning products are eco-labeled, for better air quality and fewer health risks.

Other aspects of our commitment

  • Our establishment is completely non-smoking.
  • We use alternative methods to care for our green spaces and are committed to preserving biodiversity.

Community involvement

  • We are affiliated with the "Les Hôtels solidaires" association, which recovers foodstuffs, various products, bedding, furniture, etc. for distribution to people in need. No more waste, we help those in need.

People with disabilities

  • Our hotel offers an experience accessible to all. We provide facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility to ensure a comfortable stay. For more information, please contact us.

Every year, we reinforce our commitment to continuous improvement. We welcome all your ideas.

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